Liquibox Launches New Liquid Packaging Filler, Torrent

September 21, 2017
  • Bag-in-box strip bag filler designed from the ground up by Liqui-Box
  • Innovation and modular designs included in the new bag-in-box filler to service growing flexible packaging market needs

Liqui-Box, a world leader in flexible liquid packaging solutions, announced today that they are unveiling Torrent, a newly designed, groundbreaking strip bag filler at PackExpo in Las Vegas this September. Liqui-Box has been at the forefront of liquid packaging innovations for decades and their developments in bag-in-box packaging equipment, which include the Liqui-Box 1500 and Orbiter, deliver reliability and production output that established Liqui-Box as a leading equipment supplier for liquid packaging globally. Now Liqui-Box is introducing the next liquid packaging innovation, Torrent, a ground up strip bag-in-box filler.

John Hildebrand, lead designer on the Torrent project stated, “Torrent was a collaborative effort by several internal groups within Liqui-Box, from marketing, to engineering and service. The focus of the design process was to address current customer needs as well as anticipating options, and configurations the industry will need in the future”. The collaborative, cross-functional approach Liqui-Box has taken to the development of Torrent has resulted in a new platform that boasts features like tool-less adjustment in critical areas,  redesigned fill zone, integrated guarding, and improved safety feedback.

The development of Torrent was based on specific market feedback from Liqui-Box customers and will fill gaps in the market for bag-in-box packaging and loading that aren’t currently available. “We’re excited to deliver a more refined packaging experience to our customers. This filler allows us to reach markets that previously weren’t serviced by bag-in-box packaging and deliver a more efficient and sustainable packaging format.” stated Joe Raker, VP Equipment Engineering at Liqui-Box.

With the innovations and technology slated to be incorporated into Torrent, the liquid packaging market is about to redefine what’s possible with bag-in-box. Liqui-Box has a legacy of equipment innovations and Torrent is ready to take liquid packaging to the next phase. The Torrent design will be revealed in the Liqui-Box booth at Pack Expo Las Vegas from September 25th – 27th. To learn more about Torrent, stop by booth S-6212 at PackExpo and talk to one of the Liqui-Box team members or visit

Torrent is a registered trademark of Liqui-Box Corporation.

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