Personal Care

Revitalize your skin and hair with more sustainable packaging for in-store refill and e-commerce

How can beauty and personal care brands zoom into the concept of sustainability in a way that is easy and attractive for consumers and does not impact on their profitability? In-store refill shops, plastic waste reduction, lower carbon footprint, lightweighting—you name it, and our flexible packaging can be the solution to reach your sustainability goals. From hair care, body soap and cosmetic products to hand sanitizer, sunscreen and lotions, bag-in-box and pouch packaging will keep your products safe and your customers happy.

Ideal packaging for “Zero Waste” refill shops

Flexible bag-in-box and pouches are gaining traction globally as the bulk refill packaging of choice. Liquibox bags can be used for pouring product into a reusable container, inserting into packaging equipped with a pump or dispenser, or used in connecting systems where concentrated product is mixed with water and supplied directly to hair wash stations in beauty shops.

E-commerce ready packaging

As consumers turn to online shopping platforms, more personal care and beauty brands are adding space-optimized flexible packaging to their portfolios. Bag-in-box packaging provides the right size shipping solution for e-commerce distribution—no secondary re-boxing or bubble wrap is required, and plastic nozzles or caps are not exposed which prevents damage or leaks. Due to its cubed design, bag-in-box takes up less space which means additional loads of product can fit on fewer delivery trucks.

With flexible packaging, the sustainability benefits are endless: as an example, one 3L bag-in-box is an equivalent to twelve 250ml shampoo bottles, bringing massive plastic waste reduction and cost savings in packaging fees for businesses.


Bags & films for personal care

Our durable film structures for personal care products meet superior quality standards and deliver superior drop protection, flex crack, puncture and tear resistance and long-distance shipping durability. We offer specially designed biaxially-oriented nylon (BON) laminations with and without EVOH barrier, as well as LLDPE with EVOH bags.

Our bags provide maximum product protection and over 99% product evacuation.

Liquibox offers a wide range of standard bag sizes from 1L (0.25G) to 1400L (370G) as well as customizable options. Our closed system flexible bags help to prevent unwanted contact with personal care and beauty products for increased hygiene and mess-free usage.

Fitments & dispensing taps for personal care

Our complete fitments portfolio ensures that we have the right dispensing solution for your bulk refill application. We also offer dispensing taps for smaller size retail offerings that provide safety, security and optimized directional flow for convenient, single-handed dispensing by the consumer or beauty specialist.


Bag-in-box filling equipment for personal care

Our bag-in-box filling machines offer reliable, cost-effective and high-productivity filling to the personal care industry. These compact fillers have the ability to adapt to a large range of dispensing fitments and bag size changes quickly and easily.


Pouch film for personal care

We offer a wide variety of durable film technologies that protect your personal care products and meet superior quality, durability, and chemical resistance standards. Our pouch film offerings include metallized PE laminate and clear polyethylene laminate, with optional printing.

Pouch filling equipment for personal care

We offer vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) dual-head pouch fillers, capable of filling 250ml–2L pouches.

Why choose flexible packaging for personal care products?

Bag-in-box and pouch flexible packaging is designed to reduce product waste, improve efficiency in dispensing and preserve the quality your liquids.

Keeps your product fresh

  • Additional 1-20 weeks shelf life depending on the product type and storage conditions
  • Protection against light and oxygen
  • Minimal contact with air, even after opening

Saves you money

  • Low investment cost
  • More energy efficient than rigid plastic or glass containers
  • Stackable and lightweight for transportation and storage efficiencies

Fits your needs

  • Works in any commercial dispensing system
  • Ideal for retail, food service and industrial applications
  • Suited for large output and small-scale production as well as for new product testing

Preserves and protects

  • Products pass chemical, mechanical and migration tests
  • Airtight filling and minimal handling help to eliminate possible contamination
  • User-friendly and easy dispensing

Meets sustainability objectives

  • 100% recyclable box
  • Minimal packaging waste upon disposal – easy and convenient to deconstruct
  • Uses less material – packaging is 50% lighter on average than the next-best alternative*
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 42% when compared to alternatives*

*Source: Pira, LCA across 5 product categories and 17 packaging alternatives


From greater sustainability to higher performance, we’re here to deliver what your business needs most.