Water packaging solutions that are
fresh and environmentally responsible

We understand that packaging for water must protect freshness and flavor, all while remaining environmentally responsible. We have deep experience in solutions for bottled water — including our convenient Handi-Tap bottles — and bagged water as focus shifts toward emerging bag-in-box  and pouch options.

Featured Water Packaging Products

AquaPur packaging film

AquaPur is the latest innovative film offering for the growing bag-in-box water market. AquaPur’s multilayer construction delivers a robust outside layer complimented by an interior product contact layer optimized for packaging bagged water while preserving superior product taste and quality.

Liqui-Box 1500

Streamlined for fast, automatic bagged water filling and configurable for your production requirements. The Liquibox 1500 is a fully automatic strip-bag filler used in various industries. It is extremely operator-friendly and easy to maintain.

liqui-sure dispenser

The Liqui-Sure dispensing tap has a tamper-evident cap specially developed for liquid dispensing applications. This tap allows for ease of dispensing for bagged water and other liquid products in a convenient, easy-to-use design. Contact us today to learn more.

Bag-in-Box Advantages

Optimized Protection

Bag-in-box delivers optimal protection while preserving the quality, freshness and flavor of your water.

Highly Visible Graphics

The face of the box maximizes package graphics and visibility for retail applications while the tamper evident tap assures consumers of the freshness and quality of your water and delivers convenient dispensing in any environment.

Transportation & Storage

5 liter AquaPur reduces storage, transportation and shelf space by 18% over the 19 bottles shown below. This means that less energy is required to provide customers your valuable product. Flat packing of the unfilled bag-in-box package further optimizes your transportation costs saving you money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Convenient Recycling

Once the package is empty the box can fold down flat for ease of recycling.

AquaPur packaging film

Handi-Tap Advantages

Lower Operational Costs

The design of the filler, bottles and taps leads to superior bottle and valve interaction and superior capping. Fewer mis-caps means more product delivered to your customers with less waste.

Lower Cost Of Finished Goods

Superior products mean fewer package failures and lower consumer return rates.

Retail Sales Increases

Our Handi-Tap bottles allow for convenient shelf display that provide 25% more product in the same shelf space as 2 one-gallon containers.

Customer Satisfaction

The convenient molded handle makes carrying the bottle easy and the Handi-Tap valve is allows for convenient dispensing from any refrigerator or counter space.

Pouch Advantages

Versatile Filling

We deliver pouch packaging solutions from 180ml to 5 liters, meeting your specific market requirements.


Pouches use less material to manufacture, are easily disposed of and drastically reduce landfill waste due to a variety of recyclable film structures.

High Quality

Filling, pouch forming, and sealing all happen in the controlled fill environment ensuring your waters quality and taste are preserved.

Printing and Finishing

Our pouch films are available in clear and opaque film options with the ability to print up to eight color artwork directly on the pouch.

bagged water pouches

Water Filling Solutions


Our proven Liquibox 1000 and Liquibox 1500 fillers have been configured specifically to meet the precise requirements of your bagged water filling applications.


We deliver a full line of pouch fillers capable of filling from 180ML to 5L pouches of your premium water products.


From the Handi-Tap 250 up to the Handi-Tap 550 (2, 3 and 5-head filling stations), our line of fillers provides superior performance for your bottled water application.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Once our filler and fitments are being used in your production site we provide application support and parts support to make sure your filler continues to operate at peak performance.

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