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Every filler designed by Liquibox is configured to meet specific production needs in order to reach optimal on-site filling rates and enhance your productivity and bottom line. Discover our range of high performance fillers.

The only aseptic filling equipment for flexible bags in the market that offers the security of heat-sealed closure before and after filling. Suitable for bag-in-box, drums, bins, IBC and other containers for liquids.


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The Orbiter 6000 Rotary Bag Filler is the only fully automatic rotary filler of its kind in the world This versatile and variable-speed 6-head filler has the capacity to meet the highest demands for product packaging in the most critical environments.

Liquibox 1500

Streamlined for fast, automatic filling AND Configurable for your production requirements The Liquibox 1500 is a fully automatic strip-bag filler used in various industries. It is extremely operator-friendly and easy to maintain.

Liquibox 1000

Quick, easy and reliable semi-automatic filling for a broad range of products and applications The Liquibox 1000 delivers highly productive, easy-to-use and semi-automatic filling in bag-in-box packaging.


Low-cost filling system providing superior performance for bulk packaging of high- and low-acid aseptic products. The StarAsept provides a high standard of aseptic capability and is compliant with FDA regulations for low-acid aseptic filling, while still providing excellent means for preserving the integrity of your product and optimized system economy.


Aseptipack is the perfect introductory aseptic bag-in-box filler to pack and protect your products.

Liquibox 2000

This fully automated aseptic strip filler is the ideal solution for your dairy packaging needs The model 2000 achieves fill speeds one and a half times faster than the competition.


Vertical form, fill and seal filler suited for a wide variety of pouches ranging from 150ml to 2.3l. Liquibox offers complete non-aseptic pouch packaging solutions through the IS-7.


Aseptic pouch filler suited for most liquid food products, designed for jurisdictions with no mandatory FDA compliance (outside North America). Filler equipped with two filling stations that can work independently or simultaneously at a speed of 6,000 pouches per hour.

Liquibox 4000

Complete cost-competitive pouch packaging system that provides superior aseptic packaging, using printed or plain film. With simple changes in machine settings, this system can fill pouches from 200mL to 2 liters.


Handi-Tap is the Bottled Water Industry’s most complete line of efficient, fully automatic, multi-head, in-line fillers. We feature standard models for water and non-foaming flavored products.